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High Perf - Dead Flat, 2 sizes

High Perf - Dead Flat, 2 sizes


Until now, matte sheens always came with a compromise in durability. Thanks to brand new patented polymer technology, we are now able to create an ultra matte sheen without waxes and matting agents that decrease durability.

How do you maintain clarity of a Dead Flat sheen over dark colors?

Applying 2 coats of Sanding Sealer, Gloss or Semi-Gloss before adding a final layer of Dead Flat will create more "depth" over a dark color, but is not necessary. Clarity is not affected in the High Performance or Clear Poly Dead Flat topcoats.

Upgraded features of Dead Flat include:

✅ Patented self-matting polyurethane

✅ Uses renewable resources, with no Prop 65 chemicals

✅ Meets KCMA standards

✅ VOC compliant nationwide

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